Features of Honed Concrete in Construction

Features of Honed Concrete in Construction

Honed concrete is achieved when the concrete surface is ground to give a smooth and matte appearance. Honed concrete has been in the construction space long enough to earn itself a good reputation as a tool of construction.  Over the years so many modifications have been added to enhance its results,  therefore making it one of the best ways to construct concrete surfaces over the years.  There are so many futures and uses of honed concrete in construction.  In this article, you will take a  look at honed concrete as a construction tool.

Difference Between Honed Concrete and Polished Concrete

These two procedures used in construction often confuse so many people. However, there’s a big difference between the two. While honed concrete is done on concrete surfaces to achieve a smooth and matte appearance, polished concrete gives the concrete surface a reflection_like look, making it look more like a mirror or a glass_like finish. Honed concrete is also a consistent flat surface.

Features of Honed Concrete in Construction

Uses of Honed Concrete

There are various areas where honed concrete is used when it comes to construction projects. The following are some of the few areas where honed concrete is used;

  • Driveways; due to the nature of driveways because it’s mostly being used by cars, that’s the main reason for the use of honed concrete, to give a smooth finish for the concrete surface. This makes driving easy when manoeuvring around.
  • Footpaths; just like the driveways, for footpaths as well the smooth finish is highly recommended hence the use of honed concrete when it comes to its construction.
  • Pool surrounding; honed surfaces give that ambience feel in a pool surrounding. Walking along pool surrounding is stress-free as most of the footwear when around a pool recommend a flat surface
  • Marble countertops; the matte finish is great for marble countertop work. A flat and matte-like finish is what stands out when it comes to surface construction.  As such it’s  used on marble countertops
  • Patio; honed concrete is also commonly used in patio construction as well

Benefits of Honed Concrete in Construction

  • Maintains its original colour; unlike other options, when it comes to honed concrete colour maintenance is assured. Nobody wants the expense that comes with the renewal of the colour of a surface each time the colour fades, they have to dig deep into their pockets to ensure the colour remains the same as when the construction was done at first. This is the reason why honed concrete is being considered when it comes to the construction of surfaces.
  • It’s an anti-slip resistance; unlike other options when it comes to giving the surface an amazing finish and considering the safety of people, honed concrete is the best. The reason being, its futures are slip resistance therefore offering grip when walking on them. This helps to avoid accidents
  • Cost-effective; honed concrete is cost-effective as compared to other forms of surface construction, and yet the results are still breathtaking
  • Easy to maintain; honed concrete is very easy to maintain since it does not require complicated maintenance procedures


Honed concrete is an amazing way of constructing concrete surfaces as its benefits are seen all over. It’s no wonder that most constructors opt to use this particular method in surface construction as compared to many other methods.