The Best Ways to Have Your Concrete Polished

The Best Ways to Have Your Concrete Polished

Concrete polishing, in a nutshell, is the multi-step process which involves concrete floors to be mechanically polished using machines to give it a smooth shiny appearance.

Polished concrete is known to be durable and cost-effective. For you to have a good floor that is well polished you need to have the best machines and also proper diamond tools.

Below are some of the steps followed during concrete polishing.

Concrete Polishing Process

This involves coarse diamonds segments that are bonded in a metallic matrix, the segments are coarse adequately to remove the stains and blemishes from the floor.

This can be done severely but not more than four times depending on the nature of the concrete used.

Grind the Concrete For a Good Concrete Polish

To achieve a fine grind of the surface you can use the diamond abrasives embedded in a resin matrix. You can also decide to use a lapping procedure while switching to the desired grit for a quality finish.

Concrete Polishing Using an Internal Impregnating Sealer

An internal impregnating sealer is introduced and sinks into the concrete. It is said to be invisible to a naked eye and hardens the concrete. You can also introduce a commercial polishing compound to strengthen the sheen and have a dirt-resistant finish.

The Best Ways to Have Your Concrete Polished

Concrete Polishing Using Wet or Dry Process

The most common method used for concrete polishing is the dry method. Always remember the dry method needs a vacuum to remove the dust once the job is done.

The choice of dust extractor should always match the size of the grinder and power to be able to handle the dust generated.

Dry concrete polishing has a few advantages which include,

  • It’s faster in terms of speed.
  • It’s convenient and environmentally friendly.
  • Less clean up is required.

Wet concrete polishing uses water to eradicate dust and also for cooling of diamond abrasives. During this process, there’s a lot of friction and water is used as a lubricant to reduce the friction.

Wet polishing creates extra work of cleaning up the slurry dirt formed. This slurry dirt is disposed of ecologically.

Step-by-step Pro Concrete Polishing

Below is the step-by-step process followed during concrete polishing.

  • The existing coatings should be removed with the appropriate tools.
  • Use the semi-rigid filler to seal any available cracks and joints
  • Grind using the 40-grit, 80-grit, and lastly 150-grit metal-bonded diamond
  • Application of a chemical hardener is used. This will help the concrete to density.
  • Polish with the 200-grit, 400-grit and lastly with the 800-grit resin bond diamond
  • You can use up to 3000-grit resin bond diamond depending on the sheen level.
  • For easy maintenance and durability, you can apply a stain guard. Remember this is optional.

When the above steps are followed to every minimal detail then you will have a fine concrete polished floor.


Polish is mostly used from 800-grit to 3500-grit. Polished concrete is easy to maintain as compared to other floors, the cost involved is also relatively lower. For proper maintenance, you should have a program for the floor. These will include mechanical maintenance that involves diamond-impregnated pads and treated chemical cleaners.